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Writer's Block: The day the earth stood still
Chrolli, Verbotene Liebe, Olli, Christian
What does this day mean to you?

9/11 was a tragic day. I remember hearing about it on the radio, on the way to my pianolesson. I was thirteen at the time. I had been living in Norway for several years, but having also spent five years of my childhood in the States, and seeing as I viewed it as my second home, I was naturally very sad. It was something that should not have happened, innocent lives lost, families torn apart. It was horrible.

However, it taught the US one very important lesson: they cannot continue to interfere in the world without fearing consequences for themselves. For a long time, USA has been the so-called "world police", the country that tells everyone else what can and cannot be done. This role has not been given the US by the world, but is a role it has taken on by itself. And don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about every instance that the States have helped out in a conflict. But it is irritating for the rest of the world that the US seems to feel it has a greater right than everyone else to determine what is right and wrong. For me, the idea of Bush's weilding weapons of mass destruction was a far greater point of concern than Saddam Hussein's having them. If the US wants other countries to ger rid of their nuclear weapons, they should make an example by getting rid of their own. I mean, why do we have them in the first place? What good can they possibly do? They can destroy a whole hell of a lot of stuff, but that's pretty much it, and, let's face it, in the end, who needs a destroyed planet?

My point is that I do not in any way condone the actions of those that caused the tragedy of 9/11. But I do believe that the US has to stop thinking of itself as the number one power, the country that can do anything it likes without incurring the wrath of the world. The USA is a part of the world, and needs to start showing a little bit of respect for the rest of us. It isn't the US against the world. It's all of us, together. Anything else is just going to lead to war and misery, and I really think we've had quite enough of that.

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Hello, I came across this post from the Writer's block lj community. This is beautifully said. I agree that 9/11 is definitely an enormous tragedy, and that although terrorism is never excusable, the US needs to show more respect for the rest of the world.

I also agree that if the US wants other nations to eliminate their nuclear weapons, the US should get rid of their own. Otherwise, they'll just look hypocritical.

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