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Writer's Block: For your viewing pleasure
Chrolli, Verbotene Liebe, Olli, Christian
Which returning TV show are you most excited to see again? Which shows from last season are you going to miss? Are there any new shows that look promising?

I'm definitely excited about Supernatural, mainly because it seems to promise a lot of drama, as well as somewhat of a return to normalcy (you know, finished with the whole Heaven vs. Hell-thing, which was interesting, but very implausable). Plus, the season finale was fun. So I will definitely be watching Supernatural season 6.

I'm also continuing to watch Smallville in its tenth season. I liked season 9 a lot better than the, I don't know, five previous seasons, so I'm hoping season 10 continues in the same way. I like that Clark is FINALLY established where he is supposed to be, effing Lana Lang is out of the picture (BOY was she EVER annoying), and he's getting together with Lois (whom I happen to adore). So, I'm hoping for good things.

The Vampire Diaries surprised me with a decent first season. I thought it was going to be a painfully adolescent show, but it was actually really interesting. So I'll be following the second season, and I'll see if it manages to keep me intrigued. And, hey, there are worse things than looking at Ian Somerhalder for forty-five minutes.

There are probably more shows that I'll be checking out as well, but I believe these three will rank towards the top on my priority-list. I do have other things to do, after all.

As for shows I'm definitely going to miss, well, they're mostly shows I've already been happily missing, such as anything even remotely reality-related (attention-hungry people's sordid problems really don't interest me), Desperate Houswives (aren't they going to die soon?), One Tree Hill (this must be the worst show in the history of television. Well, maybe except for Sex and the City. But then that's finished, thank GOD), and many others I'm not going to take the time to think of, because, well, I prefer not to.


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