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aevylonya's Journal

29 October
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I am inordinately spectacular. That is all you need to know.

Well, maybe not. So, what about me, then?

Well, my name first, I think. Aevylonya is a character I made up years and years ago, for one of my (many and unwritten) original stories. I liked the name so much I ended up using it everywhere. So if any of you actually ever end up reading one of my original stories, and find the name Aevylonya in it, it's not me putting myself into the story, it's just me taking advantage of cool names I make up.

So that's that. As for me as a person, I'm twenty-two, incredibly strange, and quite possibly completely insane. As mentioned above, I enjoy music, reading, writing, running, sleeping, and all such good things. I have an almost disturbing love of water. Seriously. I frequently wish I were a mermaid - it's true. Even now, when I swim in the sea during summer, I half-expect to grow fins, and I am always disappointed when it doesn't happen. Other people wish they could fly - I wish I could breathe under water. I'm not kidding. I liked the fourth Harry Potter movie for the scene where he swims under water alone (I passionately dislike the movies, as a rule - though the books are fantastic).

I'm extremely neurotic, and the things that freak me out the most are people, spiders and sharks. In that order. I love sharks though. They're awesome. I just have a tremendous respect for their incredible size and razor-sharp teeth.

As mentioned, I love to write, which is, naturally, what I'll be doing most of here, or rather, commenting on stuff and hanging around. I love fanfiction, particularly in the Harry Potter- and Star Trek-genres. I write a lot, and seldom finish anything. But I'm working on two projects at the moment, one of which I hope to start posting (on fanfiction.net) during the course of the fall, and the second of which I hope to start posting in the beginning of the new year.

The first story mentioned is a Star Trek fic called "Finding Trinity". It's K/S (of course), and should be inordinately awesome once I get around to the tricky bit of actually writing it (or, you know, finishing the writing).

The second story has been in the works for years and years, mostly because I keep changing it, which is ironic, because the story is called "Changed". It's Harry Potter, and details a scenario where Harry turns evil. It's fun. You should read it. You know, when it's, um, actually posted. Which WILL happen eventually. I swear.

I don't think I'm going to ramble anymore at the moment. I actually have other things I should be doing. Like cleaning. I need to clean. Dirt attracts badness.

So, toodles!