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The art of fanfiction
Chrolli, Verbotene Liebe, Olli, Christian
So I've decided to start writing about my ongoing attempt to finish a couple of fanfics I'm working on. See, I'm very good at starting stuff, and very bad at finishing it.

Which is why I now have about a million unfinished/unwritten fanfiction projects I would like to someday publish. I've decided to start with two of them.

And, just in case anyone actually reads this, I'll give a quick summary. The first one is a Harry Potter fanfic named "Changed". It's a story where Harry turns evil. Foreboding, eh? It's a work of some ... five years now, I think. Not five actual years of work, but you know, on-and-off-type working. Needless to say, it's never been completed. It needs to be, though, because the thought of that much work going to waste just kills me. Plus I really like my idea, so I think it should make its way out there. Into ye grande fanfiction community.

The second story is a much more recent project, and is in the Star Trek genre. More specifically, Kirk/Spock. Why? Because they're awesome. And completely, utterly and undeniably canon. Which rocks. The story is, as of now, called "Finding Trinity", but I'm starting to toy with the idea of making the original installment into several installments, and titling only one of them "Finding Trinity". But we shall see, we shall see. I usually end up changing my mind about a thousand times during the course of my writing, so maybe I'll end up discarding the entire title. Who knows.

Heniway. Tonight I've been working on the third draft of my first chapter (Star Trek fanfic), after my glorious and insanely awesome beta Judin finally gave it back to me. It makes me happy that I've actually been so meticulous as to write a third frickin' draft. It feels like the story is really coming alive, which is fun. To all fanfiction writers out there - write several drafts! If you think your first draft is good, write it again! I promise you, it will be that much better the second time. Also, having a super-qualified beta really helps. A lot. A huge frickin' lot. Even if you don't think you need a beta, GET ONE ANYWAY! It's amazing how much you manage not to see when you're looking at your own story. And I'm not just talking grammatical mistakes and suchlike, but plot holes, character flaws, awkward sentences, etc.

Get. A. Beta.

So, working on the third draft of chapter one. Also very nearly finished with the second chapter, which probably sucks some serious donkey ass right now, but nonetheless needs to be finished before the all-knowing and splendiforous beta can take it apart and send it back to me in a ... I believe matchbox was the word she used. Thence the second draft can commence.

Yes, I just used the word thence. And I rhymed. Simultaneously. I rock. Or, you know, I need to get a life. Whichever.

So "Finding Trinity" is coming along nicely. The observant reader might notice that I haven't given any kind of summary for this one. I'm not going to. Why? Because I feel like trying to explain it at this point would just ruin it.

As for the pride and glory that is "Changed", this one has little progress and little news today. But I have to start this fascinating journal somewhere, right? So I can say that I read a little snippet, a conversation between Harry and Draco (no, this one isn't slash) that I had written a little while ago. Mostly, these little bits and pieces of things just end up sounding stupid and boring a day or so after I've written them (mainly because they chiefly arise from momentary inspiration, or a scene I suddenly see in my head, and then kind of fade). However, this one actually made me happy. Which is nice, for a change. So I think it's going to be included in my story. Which means I'm a teeny tiny bit further in "Changed" as well. And all fanfiction authors know that every little bit counts.

To conclude, I will share my goal, however farfetched it seems (at least to me) at this moment. My goal is as such: "Finding Trinity" is going to be posted (on and the Kirk/Spock fanfiction archive) during the course of the fall, and "Changed" is going to be posted early in the new year.

So let's see how I do.


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